A Message From Juliana Wilson:

Dear Reader,

Salish.Design was started as a passion project in an effort to follow in my families' foot steps, as they are all First Nation artists. My father Joseph M. Wilson has as been a huge source of inspiration for me ever since I first saw his work in the Vancouver art gallery's. I have always enjoyed and felt honored to learn and listen to my elders as there are so many wonderful teachings to by offered in my heritage.

"I think of Coast Salish art as one of the oldest art forms stemming from our oldest Coast Salish Stone Bowl figures. It is kind of like a barebones art that is based on the creation that lives around us. We are a very adaptive people who have used every precious resource that was previously available to us for art, dance and various ceremonies." - Doug LaFortune

On October 21st 2019, with the help of my sta'lus (spouse) John Wiseman, CoastSalishDesigns.com was born in Cowichan Valley, British Columbia. One year and one name change later Salish.Design along with our team of carefully selected artists from all over the Coast Salish Nation represent our heritage through new bold and creative designs, while addressing a new global audience.

We believe that sustainable fashion is the future. That's why we are taking steps to make sure that we are a part of the movement. One of the steps we take to accomplish this is to only produce items there has been an order for, avoiding textile waste from overproduction. Our printing partner's state-of-the-art printing tech creates almost no wastewaters and uses less energy.

We are so honored to finally be able to share our Coast Salish art and fashion with you.

Huy ch q'u (Thank You)

Juliana Wilson - Founding Partner - Salish.DesignJohn Wiseman - Co-Founder - Salish.Design
Juliana Wilson & John Wiseman
Founding Partners