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Made to Order

Limiting waste

Efficient Shipping

Around 78% of Salish.Design orders are delivered in the same region they’re fulfilled. Having fulfillment centers close to our customers is good both for the business and the planet. Strategically located fulfillment centers allow for faster shipping times and lower shipping costs, and it also helps with reducing the CO₂ emissions produced when transporting orders.

We currently partner with facilities on both US coasts—in Charlotte, North Carolina and Los Angeles, California. We also have fulfillment centers in Canada, Mexico, Latvia, Spain, Australia and Japan.



Since quality is sustainability, we're dedicated to giving you products that last.

Reliable quality

Efficient printing


We value and celebrate people from all walks of life and stay committed to creating a work environment that is safe and welcoming for all.

Growth Culture

The journey of becoming more environmentally aware is a long one, and we remain open-minded and welcome customers' suggestions and opinions.

We're starting with realistic, tangible goals, and looking ahead to find new ways to improve.